UAB Nebius is dedicated to Trade and Recycling of Plastic and Metals. We collaborate with various companies in this sector worldwide and create best possible solutions for our clients.

Our services include International Trade of Industrial raw materials, International logistics and Payment solutions for our clients.

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are looking forward to create a better and more reliable system of International trade and joint ventures between various companies and Individuals worldwide.

Here are some business processes we specialize in…

  1. Trade of Metals , Plastics and Industrial Chemicals.
  2. Logistical solutions for trade of commodities.
  3. Consulting for exchange of technology and business process expansion.
  4. Providing comprehensive solutions for Payment of services and goods internationally.

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We solve all your trade and recycling needs for Industrial raw materials..

Our company is focused on expansion and simplification of extremely important business of international trade. What we can do with technology in 21st century is what makes us strive to work better everyday. Our overall vision is to make industrial raw material trade simple and easy around the world.